Have you met fēlix?

Plant based skincare is very personal to us. Cofounder Amanda Jones grew up on the beach and at an early age was known for smearing organic products on her face. Over the years this practice evolved and her love of formulations became a passion, researching the best organic ingredients and creating "potions" for friends and family members.  A few years ago, this love of skincare collided with our discovery of phytocannabinoids (full spectrum extract derived from industrial hemp). We are both avid fitness and health enthusiasts. At the time, our other Co-Founder was recovering from shoulder surgery. In her research, Amanda came across these phytocannabinoids and began to investigate their healing properties, creating a muscle balm and regimen to relieve shoulder inflammation and aid in recovery. We call this the jumping off point.

The amazing affects of the balm captured our attention and we began seeking further applications for these wonder compounds. Amanda began adding phytocannabinoids to her face cream and oil formulations and was so impressed with their ability to calm her sensitive skin that she began incorporating it into her daily skin care routine.

Have you met fēlix ?

"Find our direction magnetically"...

And then it happened, one weekend on the turnpike from New York City to Boston to see Pearl Jam, Amanda brought up the lack of premium quality, plant based, full spectrum hemp oil skincare products on the market.

And so began our journey.